Why I Hate LinkedIn Endorsements

ImageAccording to my LinkedIn profile the skill I am most endorsed for is blogging. The irony is that I have not blogged on my own personal blog since October of 2012. If my top area of expertise was blogging, NOT blogging for almost 5 months would be a career killer. So I decided, ironically, to do a blog about how the LinkedIn endorsement feature has mis-characterized my best skills.

I am a social media manager and specifically a Facebook expert. Yet my combined endorsements for “social media” and “Facebook” still don’t add up to being more than this supposed “blogging” skill. I am not saying I don’t have blogging skills. In fact, I was a bit of a pioneer in the movement of blogging for mainstream media. I had one of the first blogs launched at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution back in 2004 and the blog still continues today under another blogger. I have even taught classes on blogging. I say this to say it is a skill I have, but it is not my top skill.

I blog regularly for my side hustle but that’s because it is a requirement of the job. But even that job is about taking my Facebook skills and knowledge and making the #1 social media platform understandable for the masses.

I personally think LinkedIn endorsements have ghettoized the skills and expertise area of my LinkedIn profile. I think it makes me look bad to promote myself as a social media expert when my endorsements say I am a blogging expert. While I appreciate that people have taken a few moments out of their busy lives to essentially give me a thumbs up on some of my skills, the skills that LinkedIn puts forth to other users is questionable. I think I should be able to control which of my skills is an option for someone else to endorse.

I also don’t think endorsements hold as much weight and credibility as a true recommendation, of which I have several of those on my LinkedIn profile. Recommendations require more effort so I believe them to be more valuable than essentially the equivalent of a Facebook Like on my LinkedIn profile.

So if you are reading this and you happen to click on my LinkedIn profile, PLEASE endorse me for any other skill BUT blogging.


One Response to Why I Hate LinkedIn Endorsements

  1. “I think I should be able to control which of my skills is an option for someone else to endorse.”

    Amen! I have people endorsing me for skills they have no experience with. I have had people who did not know me when I was a police officer endorsing me for police work. Or people endorsing me for executive protection when that is the one area of security in which I have no experience whatsoever.

    It would be nice if LinkedIn would allow members to option out of the endorsements. They simply water down my real accomplishments.

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